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5-Nights Recharge In Nature Getaway

5-Nights Recharge In Nature Getaway

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What does unwinding feel like? Well, you breathe more consciously, your senses become more present, your thoughts much quieter. This is the magical moment when all tension falls away from you.

With our Recharge In Nature Getaway, we want to encourage you to get out into nature for five nights and leave it all behind - for experts, that means your smartphone, too. During your stay, we want you to focus exclusively on the things you haven't done in far too long: an afternoon nap, for example, or a walk under the starry sky.

The price for this offer is based on our lowest overnight rate including a discount, so you'll save 15% when purchasing the recharge in nature getaway. 

How it works:

After your purchase, you will receive an individual booking code via email. Once you're ready to redeem the Recharge In Nature Getaway, check the availability on our website, fill out the booking request on our Shop page, and we'll help you find the cabin that fits your needs.

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