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Raus x Good Clay Sunshine Midi Bowl

Raus x Good Clay Sunshine Midi Bowl

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This bowl will hold your dessert, some pasta, your breakfast porridge or some afternoon cookies – it’s just as versatile as your snack cravings. It might also remind you of your last cabin stay and give you flashbacks of long walks and fresh air. 

For the full ceramic fantasy, you can get this bowl as a set, along with the cup and mini bowl or stock up one by one. 

  • Ø ca. 18 cm / 3 cm high
  • Stoneware, high fire (100% independent green electricity) 
  • Glazed in black, cream or splattered 
  • Suitable for food and dishwasher safe

Good Clay Sunshine - that’s Vanessa and Ari who are running a ceramic studio in Berlin-Neukölln. Since the very beginning of Raus, guests have been falling in love with the ceramics they hand-craft for each cabin. Their designs are  handmade from white Westerwald clay, burned with 100% independent green electricity.

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