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Raus x Malte van der Meyden Candle

Raus x Malte van der Meyden Candle

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German Object Designer Malte van der Meyden’s work deals with form-finding processes. His focus lies on contact and perception of objects and materials that we encounter day by day. You may remember some of his sculptures from our very first few cabins. 

Inspired by the nature surrounding our cabins, Malte has created this hand-made candle from 100% canola wax in the typical Raus colour way. Just like with the clouds in the sky, its form will inspire different pictures in your mind and it might even remind you to live in the moment and just follow your thoughts every now and again. 

  • Malte van der Meyden EPS5 Candle for RAUS
  • made from 100% vegan canola wax 
  • Handmade in Germany
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