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Book: Tiny Living Spaces

Book: Tiny Living Spaces

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To stay in bed for a day, just flipping through a beautiful book, undisturbed. - To us, this is the essence of something small that can bring loads of joy.
At Raus, we strive to create a wonderful (tiny) space, which holds everything you may need, yet nothing you don't so our guests can focus on unwinding in nature with as little distractions as possible. 
This book picks up on an attitude towards life, a contemplation on the essentials to which more and more people are attracted - in the form of tiny homes.

All over the world, houses and housing units in mini format are en vogue. For many, they are the only way to fulfill the dream of owning one's own home. The carefully selected projects from all over the world show how space can be gained by concentrating on the substantial, intelligent floor plans, well thought-out storage solutions and nesting of functions. They highlight in very different ways that great living quality can be wonderfully made possible in a small space through a clever design.

and psssst: if you turn to page 116, you might stumble across a familiar tiny "face". 

23,5 x 23,5 cm
224 pages
440 pictures
ISBN 978-3-03768-283-8
Braun Publishing

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